UPDATE: Northville Downs will be closed until at least June 12th.

Dear Employees-
In this unprecedented time, we want to assure you of a few things.  
First, we will be back open and operating.  We don’t know when, yet, but we will keep you as informed as information comes to us.

We have added an “Employee” tab to our website.  The purpose of this tab is keep information flowing to you as easily and quickly as possible and to give you all the resources we have to help you for filing for unemployment benefits. 

Second, everyone’s job is safe.  We are just waiting on a green light to get back to business as usual.

Third, if you worked last week, your paycheck is being mailed to you.  Most all checks were in the mail yesterday. We are continuing to work to find all avenues of both state and federal relief.  As you have seen, information seems to change daily. Regardless, we are working every day to keep you informed.

For our employees who receive insurance through the Teamsters, your insurance will continue through April at no cost to you.

During this temporary layoff period, please click here to review the file that will help you through the unemployment process. This is the most current information we have about filing unemployment. 

Click here for the COVID-19 guide to file for unemployment benefits.

We look forward to having you all return and get back to business.
In the meantime, do your part to help your friends and neighbors and most importantly, take care of yourself.


John, Ed and Mike